Computer Recycling Staffordshire

Pure Planet Recycling have developed a computer recycling solution for businesses across the county of Staffordshire including the towns of Rugeley, Cannock and Lichfield. All ICT equipment such as CRT Monitors, TFT Flat screens, PC base units and Printers are all recycled ensuring that no equipment ends up in landfill sites.

map of staffordshire

Our computer recycling service assures that all waste electrical equipment is dismantled using environmentally friendly methods and making sure that maximum recovery is obtained from every piece of equipment.

We take data protection very seriously and with the collection of all equipment we ensure that all personal data is protected against fraud by offering a complete data destruction service. This is part of our standard service and we guarantee full data security. A full audit trail is available to all of our clients.

Electrical Waste Recycling

The volume of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) that is produced is currently increasing faster than any other waste stream in the UK. Pure Planet Recycling offers a WEEE collection and recycling service to companies and industry throughout Staffordshire. Using over 15 years experience in the waste and recycling industry, the staff at Pure Planet are able to deliver a first rate, reliable, recycling solution. This service is provided to the Staffordshire towns of Burton on Trent, Cannock, Tamworth and Lichfield as well as the neighbouring towns of Colwich, Uttoxeter and Newcastle under Lyme.

Our objective is to offer a cost effective service and to reduce the amount of waste destined to landfill.

Monitor Disposal / Monitor Recycling

Pure Planet Recycling offers a computer monitor recycling service, collecting CRT monitors from companies throughout Staffordshire. Our CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) recycling option for clients makes use of the most cutting edge recycling systems available on the market which allows us to achieve very high recycling rates.

The process for recycling both televisions and CRT monitors ensures the glass, plastic, metal and cable is removed and fully recycled. The remaining part is the actual tube which is then put into CRT recycling machine, this then ensures all the glass from each unit is recycled including the glass containing lead.

Our CRT monitor recycling service includes the collections from all the towns in Staffordshire including Colwich, Stafford, Tamworth and Stoke on Trent.