Server Recycling

Server Recycling

Pure Planet Recycling offer a server recycling service and decommissioning service to businesses. We professionally decommission servers across England using our trained staff, and collection fleet. Our team securely transport your end of life server equipment back to our licensed premises for our server recycling service, whilst destroying all data from any server storage devices.

Our server recycling service is as simple as:

You contact us detailing the amount and type of servers you have for disposal.
We provide a quotation for the decommissioning and server recycling.
We then collect the equipment using our own secure transportation.
Upon collection we provide you with the Duty of Care waste paperwork.
We process the server equipment at our licensed facility. If the equipment can be reused, it is, otherwise it is broken down for materials.
We shred hard drives to ensure your data is destroyed
Once the recycling is complete we issue a recycling report and data destruction certificate where necessary.

We do not specify that the server equipment needs to be of a certain make, model or even to be functional. We recycle all types of server, storage devices, switches hubs and associated equipment. If required, we can unplug the server equipment from racking in a data centre environment or from it's current location.

In using our professional service to recycle servers we guarantee the following:

  • Adherence to the WEEE directive and Hazardous Waste Regulations
  • Environmentally friendly methods of server recycling
  • Duty of Care/Hazardous Waste paperwork provided
  • Collections made using our own vehicles and fully trained staff
  • Service levels and times of collection confirmed at time of booking

Please contact us to discuss your server recycling requirements.