Printer Recycling and Disposal

Printers are an essential piece of IT equipment. You use them on a day to day basis within the office. But, when your printer becomes end of life, you must consider it’s disposal.

As printers contain hazardous and toxic materials they need specialist treatment. There may also be sensitive business information still saved on the machine. For these reasons you should use a reliable and reputable disposal company.

Pure Planet Recycling have over 16 years experience in recycling printers. We collect all makes, models and age of office printers. Our procedures and experience guarantee a safe and easy recycling process.

Our recycling process is as simple as:

Step 1

You contact us detailing the printer(s) have for disposal and your location.


We identify the best service option and quote accordingly.


We arrange a collection using our own secure transportation and staff.


Equipment is logged and loaded into our vehicles.


We process the equipment at our licensed recycling facility. Equipment that can be reused is tested, otherwise it is stripped for materials.


Once complete, we issue a recycling report and data destruction certificate

How is a Printer recycled?

Our printer recycling process is a logical process. We begin by inspecting the device. Can we refurbish the printer to have a second life. Reusing a printer is more environmentally friendly than recycling it. Any toners found within printers are removed and sent for reuse.

If we can’t reuse the machine, could any parts repair another machine for reuse? It’s not always cost effective to buy a spare spart but used parts can give an old machine new life.

If, after the testing process, the machine is end of life we recycle and recover the materials.

As part of the recycling process we destroy the data on the hard drive. This is through physical destruction, the shredding of the drive. Your data is securely destroyed complete with a destruction certificate.

Pure Planet Recycling operate an Authorised Treatment Facility in Bedfordshire. We are licensed to carry and treat electrical waste and provide the required paperwork.

We collect and recycle equipment from all over the UK. We’ll even remove the machine from it’s existing location. All makes and models are recycled including Canon, HP, Ricoh, Konica Minolta etc…

So if your business, school or organisation has a printer to recycle, please contact us.

Why Choose Pure Planet Recycling?

Over 16 Years Experience

Nationwide coverage area

Professional and licensed service

Waste paperwork provided

Uniformed, trained staff

Wait and load service option

Equipment reused/recycled where possible

Quick Leadtimes