TV / Computer Monitor Recycling and Disposal

TVs and computer monitors contains toxic and hazardous components.
So when companies look to dispose of these they must use a licensed service.


Pure Planet Recycling offers a TV and computer monitor recycling solution. We are a waste carrier and an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for electrical waste. Both of which are licenses, issued by The Environment Agency.

We collect all types of TVs and monitors from businesses across England. We have recycled thousands of tonnes of computer monitors and televisions. We reuse equipment as much as possible, if not, recover the materials they contain.

Technological advances fuel the demand for lighter, thinner monitors. So when a company or educational facility buys new, they need to dispose of their old. We handle all types of TVs and monitors including CRT, TFT, LCD/LED and plasma screens. The equipment does not have to be in working order.

We provide duty of care hazardous waste paperwork. This is a legal requirement when handling hazardous waste. A paper traceable route for your disposal gives companies full peace of mind.


How Does Our TV and Monitor Recycling Service Work?

Our old tv and monitor collections are as quick and easy as...
Step 1
You contact us, with photos and details of the waste you have. Please also provide the collection address and access restrictions.
Step 2
A quotation is then provided for the collection of your old monitors and TVs
Step 3
Once accepted, a collection is arranged using our own secure transportation and staff
Step 4
We load the equipment into our vehicles and provide a hazardous waste consignment note.
Step 5
Any equipment that could have a second life is reused. All other materials are recycled to recover the materials they are made from.
Step 6
Once the recycling is complete, we invoice and provide a recycling certificate for the load.

What Type Of Monitors Do You Collect?

We can collect and recycle all type of TVs and Monitors, including the following;
  • TFT Computer Monitors
  • LCD/LED Computer Monitors
  • CRT Computer Monitors
  • Large Format Displays
  • LCD Televisions
  • LED Televisions
  • Plasma Televisions
  • CRT Televisions
monitors for recycling

Why Choose Pure Planet Recycling ?

  • Over 13 Years Experience
  • Nationwide coverage area
  • Professional and licensed service
  • Waste paperwork provided
  • Uniformed, trained staff
  • Wait and load service option
  • Equipment reused/recycled where possible
  • Quick Leadtimes