Computer Recycling and Disposal

Do you consider the impact when you dispose of computers from your organisation? There are both environmental and data security risk factors. You should use a reputable computer recycling company.

Pure Planet Recycling offers computer recycling services for business customers. Our service is secure, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Each year, we recycle thousands of computers and PCs. We are collecting from companies, schools, universities and councils. Our trained staff load the equipment into our vehicles for treatment at our site.

We are a licensed waste carrier and an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for electrical waste. Both of which are licenses issued by The Environment Agency.

We do not need the equipment to be working or a certain age or specification. We recycle all types of computer hardware and peripherals.

With over 16 years of experience, you are in safe hands.

How Does Our Computer Recycling Service Work?

Our computer recycling is a simple, step-by-step process:

Step 1

You contact us detailing the computer waste you have for disposal. Please also provide the collection address and access restrictions.


We provide you with a quotation for collecting and recycling your redundant computers.


We arrange to collect the equipment using our secure transportation.


We load the equipment into our vehicles and provide duty-of-care waste notes.


We reuse any computers that could have a second life. If the equipment is non-working, we recover their materials.


Once the recycling is complete, we issue a recycling report and data destruction certificate where necessary.

We take data security very seriously when recycling your computers. Our service includes the removal and the shredding of the hard drives. We prefer physical destruction versus wiping hard drives. You can find more information on our data destruction service page.

How Is A Computer Recycled?

We inspect each computer for potential reuse. Can we refurbish the PC to have a second life elsewhere?

We remove all hard drives from the computers to destroy their data. Hard drives are then shredded to 15mm particles using our media shredder.

If you need a detailed recycling report, we scan the serial numbers of each system at this stage. This information creates the recycling/destruction certificate.

Could any part help repair another machine? If so, we will dismantle the working parts for refurbishing other computers.

We recover the materials if the machine is end-of-life or beyond economic repair. These materials go towards making new equipment or products.

A recycling report/data destruction completes the process.

What Computer Equipment Do You Collect?

Computer Base Units

All In One PCs

Computer Monitors

Keyboards & Mice

Power Supplies



CD/DVD Drives

Computer Recycling FAQs

Do you collect computers from households?

Unfortunately, it isn’t environmentally friendly or cost-effective to collect from householders. We offer a Nationwide collection service for businesses, so managing one-off computers isn’t viable.

Please see the domestic electrical waste recycling locator for a local drop-off location.

How much does it cost to recycle computers?

To be able to quote for the disposal of computers, we need further information. Factors such as age, condition and equipment volume will affect a quotation. Our pricing is very competitive compared to like-for-like secure recycling services.

What is a computer made from?

A computer is made from many reusable materials. When it is broken down, these materials can be recovered and reused in the manufacturing chain. An average PC base unit contains the following:

Plastic – 25%
Ferrous Metals – 40%
Non-ferrous Metals – 15%
Electronic Boards – 20%

If you require any further information on our computer recycling service please call us on 01234 315496.