WEEE Collection Service

Is your company in need of a WEEE collection? If so, we can help.

Pure Planet Recyclings WEEE collection service provides an environmentally-friendly solution for your electrical waste disposal needs. We specialise in the collection and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Our collection service is available to businesses across the UK. We offer a range of collection options to suit your needs.

Our team of professionals will ensure that your electronic waste is collected safely and securely. At the time of collection we issue duty of care paperwork, in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Once the recycling is complete, we will also provide you with a certificate of recycling. This provides peace of mind that your electronic waste has been disposed of safely and responsibly.

At Pure Planet Recyclings, we are committed to reducing the amount of electronic waste that ends up in general waste. To enhance waste segregation at your site, we can offer WEEE storage containers.

Whether you need a one-time collection or a regular collection service, we can meet your requirements. Read on to find out more…

How Does Our WEEE Collection Service Work?

Organising your next WEEE collection is as simple as …

Step 1

You contact us, with photos and listing the electrical waste you have. Please also provide the collection address and access restrictions.


We assess the best service option for your collection and quote accordingly.


Once accepted, a delivery of your container or collection is arranged using our own secure transportation and staff.


We load the equipment into our vehicles and provide duty of care waste notes.


Any equipment that could have a second life is reused. All other materials are recycled, to recover the raw materials they are made from.


Once the recycling is complete, we invoice and provide a recycling certificate for the load.

What Collection Options Do We Provide?

Wait & Load Service

As the name suggests, you wait, whilst we load the equipment. This is our most popular service option for one off collections. You receive waste transfer notes to show the auditable route of recycling. With our wait and load service we keep the transport costs down as there is only one visit to your site.

Short-Term WEEE Container Hire

After deciding the best type of container you need we deliver the container for you to fill. Once full, you call for the collection of the container. At the time of collection you will receive the duty of care paperwork for your records. This short-term hire is ideal for those who wish to sort through their waste beforehand.

Long Term WEEE Container Hire

For regular waste producers we have a range of storage options. Our WEEE storage containers are available for long term hire. This enables keeps your waste neat and secure whilst on your site. Once the container is full, we arrive and exchange it for an empty one. Each time we exhange the container you receive the duty of care waste paperwork.

What Electrical Waste Do We Collect?

We collect and recycle all types of electrical waste, including;

Telephone systems, handsets and accessories

Tablets and smart phones

All makes and model of computers and laptops

Servers and networking equipment

Hard drives, media tapes and storage equipment

All types of fridges/freezers including commercial refrigeration

Lighting equipment

All types of electrical equipment

Why Choose Pure Planet Recycling?

Over 16 Years Experience

Nationwide coverage area

Professional and licensed service

Waste paperwork provided

Uniformed, trained staff

Wait and load service option

Equipment reused/recycled where possible

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