Photocopier Recycling and Disposal

Photocopiers are an essential piece of equipment in any office. You come to rely on them for every day printing and copying tasks. But,when your photocopier becomes of end of life, you must consider it’s responsible disposal.

Previously stored jobs on the machines hard drive may contain sensitive business information. For this reason you should use a reliable and reputable disposal company. We ensure that the hard drive is either wiped or destroyed as part of the disposal process.

Pure Planet Recycling are experienced in collecting and recycling all types of photocopiers and large format printers. Our procedures and experience guarantee a safe and easy recycling process.

Our recycling process is as simple as:

You contact us detailing the photocopier(s) have for disposal and your location
We identify the best service option and quote accordingly
We arrange a collection using our own secure transportation and staff
Equipment is logged and loaded into our vehicles
We process the equipment at our licensed recycling facility. Equipment that can be reused is tested, otherwise it is stripped for materials
Once complete, we issue a recycling report and data destruction certificate

How is a photocopier recycled?

Every photocopier and printer is inspected to see if it can be reused. Can we refurbish the printer to have a second life elsewhere? Or could the parts be used to repair another machine? If the machine is end of life or beyond economic repair we recycle and recover the materials.

As part of the recycling process we destroy the data on the hard drive. This is either through secure wiping or physical destruction of the drive. Your data is securely destroyed and a data destruction certificate is provided.

Pure Planet Recycling operate an Authorised Treatment Facility in Bedfordshire. We are licensed to carry and treat electrical waste and provide the required paperwork.

We collect and recycle equipment from all over the UK. We’ll even remove the machine from it’s existing location. All makes and models are recycled including Canon, HP, Ricoh, Konica Minolta etc…

Depending on the make and model there may even be value in your device. This could result in a free collection or even a rebate (dependant on the equipment).

Why Choose Pure Planet Recycling?

  • Full UK Coverage
  • Data Destruction Certificates
  • Recycling Certificates
  • Licensed Waste Carrier
  • Licensed Authorised Treatment Facility
  • 10 Years Experience
  • Potential Revenue From Remarketed Assets

Please call us on 01234 315496 to discuss your printer or photocopier removal.