Our WEEE Recycling Process

At Pure Planet Recycling we guarantee secure, UK based recycling. As an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for electrical waste we are a licensed and professional site. We adopt best available treatment recovery and recycling techniques and apply the waste hierarchy to all our processes.

Our process is simple and allows a fully audit-able route for all equipment collected:

  • We collect redundant equipment from your office, factory or warehouse using our own fully trained, uniformed and fully trained staff
  • All duty of care paperwork is supplied for both hazardous and non hazardous waste. All paperwork provided details the collection and disposal point as well as our licence information.
  • All equipment is segregated and sorted within our licensed recycling facility in Bedfordshire
  • All hazardous waste such as fridges and freezers, fluorescent lighting and CRT monitors are then segregated from non hazardous equipment and handled by UK hazardous waste specialists:
  • Fridges and freezers are degassed and all ozone depleting substances are removed, the plastic / metal fridge unit is then recycled to material level within the UK.
  • CRT monitors are recycled using up-to-the-minute technology which removes the front panel glass from the curved funnel glass by the cutting system. The leaded glass, plastics and metals are then recycled within the UK.
  • Fluorescent light tubes are sent to be crushed, all the crushed lamp debris is then fed into a recycling unit that loosens the mercury bearing phosphor powder from the glass and the mercury separated into UN approved containers to be disposed of by specialists.
  • Equipment that can not be reused and is non-hazardous is recycled using an automated UK recycling plant to recover the raw, reusable materials.

At Pure Planet Recycling we ensure that we comply with all relevant environmental legislation; we commit to continually improve our environmental performance and use practices that avoid, reduce or control pollution. We do this by continuing to utilise advanced recycling machinery and technology available to ensure very high recycling and material recovery rates.

Processing Your Equipment

The following recycling plant handles the equipment recycled with Pure Planet Recycling. The equipment ensures a very high recycling rate due to the advanced technology for material recovery. The equipment is fed through on to a conveyor belt and into the QZ plant (top right), this machine breaks down all equipment to small fragments of plastics and metals. This material is then transported through the plant by a conveyor system with the end result being a range of reusable products such as copper, aluminium and various plastics.

weee recycling plant