Computer Recycling Norfolk

Pure Planet Recycling offers a full computer recycling and a data destruction service for companies across the county of Norfolk. We collect using our own staff and vehicles and are regularly in the towns of Dereham, Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn, Norwich and Thetford.

map of norfolk

All IT equipment such as Monitors, Printers, LCD Screens and computers are completely recycled with no equipment or material ending up going to landfill sites. Our IT recycling service guarantees all waste electrical equipment is recycled effectively to ensure that maximum recycling rates. We provide a full audit trail to our clients. Our computer recycling services include:

  • Data destruction Service
  • Duty of care waste paperwork
  • Cost effective recycling solution

Monitor Disposal / Monitor Recycling

Pure Planet Recycling offers a CRT monitor recycling service, collecting from businesses in and around Norfolk. Our CRT Recycling (Cathode Ray Tube) solution for businesses ensures the use of the state of the art recycling equipment to accomplish a high recycling rate of over 70% on Television screens and CRT Monitor screens.

The CRT Recycling process involves the recycling of the plastic and the removal and recycling of the electrical cable, metal casing and power supply. What then remains is the ‘clean’ tube which is then inserted into an automatic recycling system. The machinery we use can handle up to 120 units per hour. This process ensures all the leaded glass from each unit is fully recycled.

Computer Recycling Areas