Data Destruction Norwich

Data Destruction Norwich

When disposing of computers and recycling IT equipment it is vital the data stored within the device is securely destroyed beyond retrieval.

Pure Planet Recycling specialise in secure data destruction in Norwich. We offer a full, secure data destruction service for all types of removable media. This service includes hard drive destruction, tape destruction and CD/DVD destruction. Once the drive or device has been degaussed and shredded we will issue detailed certification which shows each item of media that has been destroyed, all duty of care waste paperwork is provided.

Pure Planet Recycling offers the following data destruction service options to businesses throughout Norwich:

On site data destruction service*

We destroy your media at your work place and our service includes the following:

  • Server tape destruction
  • Hard drive destruction
  • Shredding of CDs/DVDs
  • Fully trained collection staff
  • Duty of Care paperwork provided
  • Data destruction certificate

Data destruction collection service

We securely collect, transport the equipment to our premises and then perform the destruction, this service includes the following:

  • Collections of hard drives for destruction
  • Collections of CDs for destruction
  • Collections of DVDs for destruction
  • Using only our own vehicles and staff
  • Full duty of care paperwork
  • Once the data destruction has been carried out we certify the destruction.

Data destruction drop in and courier service (ideal for small quantities)

This service allows you to send in your media devices for secure destruction within our secure facility, the following is included within this service:

  • Drop in service for any media type
  • Courier in your media
  • Duty of Care paperwork provided
  • Once the data destruction has been carried out we will certify the destruction

For more information on our service of data destruction in Norwich please contact us on 01234 315496.

*For an additional fee.

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