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IT Recycling

The average lifespan for IT equipment in the UK is 3-4 years. Due to technological advances and the demands of businesses on their devices, they can soon become redundant. Companies are sure to have suppliers for their latest hardware, but what about a solution for recycling their old equipment?

Pure Planet Recycling offers a professional IT recycling service to businesses throughout England. This includes items such as Network Switches, Hubs, Tape Drives, UPS systems, Cables and all related IT peripherals. We do not require the equipment to be a certain make, age or even to be working. We do not cherry pick just computers or servers and as we are an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) we can take any type of electrical equipment at the same time.

We currently satisfy many business, education facilities and local authority customers. Each produce various types of hardware and have differing requirements on our service. For example, some customers need their IT equipment logging for serial numbers, makes and models to balance their asset records. Others demand on site destruction to any digital media alongside their IT collection. Whatever you require when your old hardware leaves your premises we can help.

In using our services, we ensure the following:

  • Adherence to the WEEE directive
  • Environmentally friendly methods of recycling IT equipment
  • Duty of Care/Hazardous Waste paperwork provided as standard
  • Collections made using our own vehicles and fully trained staff
  • Times of collection are confirmed at the time of booking and can even call when on route with an accurate ETA

From a regular collection service to a one off disposal we can meet your requirements. Please contact us for further information.

Telecoms Recycling

Our Telecoms Recycling service allows for the recycling of all types of hardware and we do not require it to be working. We handle all types of equipment ranging from a small business phone system through to a large multi site, multi functional telecommunications system. All brands and types including analogue and digital can be recycled in the same manner. We also recycle telecom aerials, antennas and site equipment for national telecommunication providers. Once we know the equipment you have to dispose of, we can then create a tailor made solution for effortless recycling.

Your redundant telecoms equipment is collected and transported back to our recycling facility. We then apply the best recycling practices to the equipment and provide a traceable recycling option that will satisfy your ISO 14001 requirements if applicable. This includes duty of care notes then once recycled we issues recycling reports, detailing the weight and details of the load for your records.

As each recycling service differs in size and requirements, please contact us to discuss your needs further.