Product Destruction

When disposing of redundant stock it is vital that companies use a product destruction service so that products do not reappear in the marketplace. Pure Planet Recycling offer a secure product destruction service to businesses wishing to maintain product or brand integrity.

Our product destruction process begins with the secure collection and transportation to the recycling plant and then finally the destruction. Our service covers all manner of equipment and products and in most cases, shredding is the method used to ensure complete destruction.

All customers receive duty of care paperwork for the transportation and disposal of the waste, followed by a destruction certificate.

In some cases customers are able to view the product destruction on site, remotely via a secure site or recorded for your records.

We have experience in destroying the following types of products and materials:

Pharmaceuticals Destruction

Cosmetics Destruction

Packaging Destruction

Redundant Products Destruction

Out Of Date/Expired Stock Destruction

Counterfeit & Confiscated Goods Destruction
Product Destruction

How does our product destruction service work?

Booking your next product destruction service is as easy as;

Step 1

Give us a call or email to tell us about the products you need destroying


If you have pictures of the waste, email them into us. We can then check quantities, collection location and quote accordingly


We arrange to collect the products using our own secure transportation.


On collection we provide a duty of care waste transfer note. This details the waste, carriers and end disposal point. It’s vital to show the traceable route of destruction for the waste.


We destroy the products, whether by shredding, incineration or material recovery. We do not landfill.


Once complete, we issue a recycling report and destruction certificate.

You may also have the need to destroy IDs, uniforms and business critical equipment. If these items fell into the wrong hands there may be an opportunity for them to be used fraudulently.

We have worked with some large multi national corporations to destroy all manner of items. Sometimes this can be sensitive for a business to handle so we provide a discreet and confidential service.

If you wish to discuss our product destruction service, please contact us or call 01234 315496.