Hard Drive Crushing

Pure Planet Recycling offer the service of hard drive crushing and on site hard drive destruction to permanently destroy and recycle your redundant hard drives. By physically crushing the hard drive, you can be 100% sure that your drive is inoperable and has been permanently destroyed.

Our hard drive crusher, named EDD, Eco Drive Destroyer has been designed and manufactured by Pure Planet Recycling to crush and destroy drives in seconds without the need for electricity. This means our on site hard drive destruction is both secure and environmentally friendly. Our hard drive crusher is mobile and the destruction can be performed within your office, factory, warehouse, or within our vehicles. Upon completion of the crushing, we then provide certification to show the drives have been destroyed and the duty of care waste paperwork.

You can see EDD in action in the following video:

Our hard drive crushing and on site hard drive destruction service includes the following:

The hard drive crushing process is performed by our own staff.

Collections are made using our secure, satellite tracked vehicles.

Destruction can be performed at your premises or within our secure facility.

Detailed data destruction certificate is produced upon completion.

Hard drives are then recycled for material recovery.

How much does hard drive crushing cost?

Pure Planet Recycling believes each hard drive crushing job is individual. Factors such as location, number of hard drives and where the destruction takes place will affect the cost. We are very competitive on pricing and guarantee to beat any like for like quote.

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