Hard Drive Shredding

When disposing of old equipment, do you consider the sensitive data held on the hard drives? With the introduction of the GDPR regulations this has become even more critical. A data breach could cost your business more than just it’s reputation.
Pure Planet Recycling’s hard drive shredding service destroys your redundant hard drives. By shredding a hard drive into fragments, you can be sure of it’s physical destruction.
Our shredders are capable of shredding a hard disk to either 15mm or 6mm fragments. This can be on your site or at our recycling facililty. Customers can witness the destruction and ensure no data leaves site.
With years of experience, you can rely on our secure hard drive shredding service.

Our service is as simple as:

You contact us detailing the number of hard drives and where you are
We quote for shredding the hard drives on your site or at our recycling facility
We arrive using our secure transportation and satellite tracked vehicles
Drives are either shredded on site or transported for shredding at our facililty
Once complete, we issue a data destruction certificate including serial numbers
We then recycle the shredded hard drives to recover the materials

On-Site Hard Drive Destruction

Our on-site hard drive destruction allows us to bring our shredders to you. We shred all types of computer and server hard drives and storage media.
Customers are able to watch their old hard drives get shredded in front of them. We turn a hard drive into fragments within seconds.
Due to our modified 3.5 tonne vehicles we can access most site locations in UK.
The following video shows our hard drive shredder in action.

How much does hard drive shredding cost?

Pure Planet Recycling believes each hard drive shredding job is individual. Factors such as location, shred size, number of hard drives and where the destruction takes place will affect the cost. Pricing is usually based on a per drive basis, making it easier if there only rough quantities of equipment. 

We are very competitive in pricing and pride ourselves in our secure service.

Contact us now on 01234 315496 to discuss your hard drive shredding requirements.

Why Choose Pure Planet Recycling?

  • On-Site Shredding Available
  • Full UK Coverage
  • Security Vetted Staff
  • 10 Years Experience
  • Data Destruction Certificates
  • Recycling Certificates
  • Licenced Authorised Treatment Facility
  • Licenced Waste Carrier

For more information on hard drive shredding please call us on 01234 315496.

Client Testimonials

This was a very quick and easy process. The initial contact was quick and friendly in replying after my initial query. The pickup of the hard drives was prompt as was the destruction and certification the next day. Two important deciding factors were the cost of destruction and recycling provided in the UK.