Computer Recycling St. Neots

Computer Recycling St. Neots

Pure Planet Recycling manage all types of recyclable materials specialising in computer recycling, data destruction and electrical waste recycling. We also supply a range of recycling equipment and storage containers for storing all types of electrical waste.

Using 15 years waste management experience, we offer a legal and compliant computer recycling solution to businesses in and around St Neots.

We ensure that using our services we:

  • Strictly comply to all current and forthcoming UK waste legislation
  • Adhere to the WEEE directive
  • Provide a cost effective pricing structure for recycling
  • Use only environmentally friendly methods of recycling.

We achieve and maintain our high levels of service by ensuring the following:

  • Each collection is professionally serviced by our own staff and vehicles
  • Fully insured operations
  • Fully licensed with the Environment Agency
  • Pre-agreed service levels and pricing structure at time of booking.

At Pure Planet Recycling we work with you to ensure you are absolutely satisfied with the services provided. We help our customers improve their recycling processes and aim to increase your recycling rates year by year, working with you to meet achievable goals.

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