How Is WEEE Recycled?

One of the most frequently asked questions to us here at Pure Planet Recycling is "How does our waste electrical equipment get recycled?" We utilise an almost fully automated recycling plant to recover the component materials and have detailed the processes the machine takes for recycling non hazardous WEEE:

1. The process begins by feeding the waste electrical equipment onto a large conveyor belt which loads the equipment into the QZ (Querstromzerspaner) section of the machinery.

2. Within the QZ section of the machine, link chains rotate to create an air vortex that catapults the equipment against other equipment, separating out the components and parts of the machinery. Once in smaller sections, the equipment exits the machine onto another conveyor belt for the next stage.

3. The broken down equipment is fed through a picking line on the conveyor belt where waste products and hazardous components such as batteries are picked out by hand for further treatment. This is the only non automated part of the process.

4. Now the material has been refined to remove any contamination, it can be passed through the shredder which takes the material into small, easy to manage pieces.

5. The shredded pieces are next segregated into material type automatically by a series of magnets and air flow systems. They are sorted into plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and separately contained within bags, bins or skips depending upon the material.

6. The equipment has now been taken from a whole unit, broken down, cleansed, shredded and then segregated into a clean product for reuse. The materials will then be sent on for further treatment and reuse back into the manufacturing process.

sweeep plant

Pure Planet Recycling chooses to recycle all non hazardous WEEE waste with this process in order to recover the maximum amount of materials as possible. There are other methods available for WEEE recycling but this technology ensures the hazardous and non recyclable parts are removed to keep the remaining material as clean as possible. If you require further information on our WEEE recycling, please call us on 01234 315496.