Earth Day 2014

April 22nd is Earth Day, an annual event where over a billion people take action to relieve environmental challenges across the World. Each year there is a different campaign and theme to help raise awareness on sustainability. This years theme is "Green Cities", encouraging cities to take steps towards a sustainable future.

Events will take place in over 200 countries worldwide, where attendees will perform acts as a service to the Earth. For example signing petitions, sending letters, picking up litter, planting trees, conducting recycling programs and encouraging green living. The theme Green Cities focuses on the following topics;


To help cities become greener, they need cleaner, more efficient energy sources. Earth Day will help promote the transition to renewable energy sources.

Green Buildings

With one third of all greenhouse gas emissions coming from buildings, dramatic improvements can be made. With better design and efficiencies, buildings and cities as a whole can become greener.


Three quarters of the greenhouse gas emissions from transportation come from road vehicles. Public transport, bike routes and alternative transport will help reduce emissions within a city.

Earth Day is organised by the Earth Day Network, and through their website you can find advice, tool kits and details of local events. For example in London there is a Earth Day Community Fayre in Kingsbury planned. There will be competitions, games, crafts and educational activities to help promote Green Cities. We encourage you to find your local Earth Day event and see how you can get involved.