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OCCleaners Are Back

obsessive compulsive cleaners
Pure Planet Recycling were again featured tonight on the Channel 4 program “Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners”. This time the familiar faces of Hayley (@OCCleanerhayley) and Vinny (@OCCleanerVinny) visited our site to tackle the dirtiest microwaves they could lay their hands on.

We recycle all types of electrical equipment and often pick up white goods containing all types of nasties. It’s standard practice for us to empty food and contaminates out before recycling but we never clean the items. When the cleaners opened the microwaves they were horrified to see the state of them. They were swabbed to test for bacteria and were found to be shockingly disgusting.

Once the cleaners had stopped gagging at the smells, they set about cleaning the microwaves. The remains of many a microwave meal were scrubbed away along with the associated bacteria. This left the old microwaves sparkling…but you probably wouldn’t want to eat your dinner off them!

We had previously seen the cleaners react badly to our “fridge graveyard” as they called it. As you saw from the reaction of the cleaners, the microwaves were pretty disgusting. We handle dirty white goods everyday so perhaps we have stronger stomachs.

Now clean, the microwaves were recycled along with our other small domestic appliances. The following blog post explains how we recycle electrical waste.

If you missed tonight’s episode you can catch up here.

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