CRT Monitor Art

Pure Planet Recycling were recently approached by a UK artist Pete Ashton for the loan of CRT monitors in order to help create "The Contraption", as pictured below by photographer Matt Murtagh.

The art and exhibition were described as the following;

Artist Pete Ashton created a series of slow animations consisting of sequential photographs shot through the artists own customised lens. The lens is made from a vintage camera, which forms a process called through the viewfinder. The slow animations are displayed via "The Contraption", an installation formed of salvaged CRT monitors, cardboard, duck tape and doors that have been converted into peep show machines.

The project seeks to expose the uniquely broad and diverse demographic of library users to the interpretations of three artists in a cumulative response to the space. Libraries are perfectly placed to play a vital role within the arts by supporting artists, providing public platforms for work and engaging new audiences that my not participate within the arts.

Once the exhibition is over, Pure Planet Recycling will process the CRT monitors for recycling, here in the UK. Pure Planet Recycling provide a CRT monitor recycling services within the UK to businesses.

the contraption pete ashton