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CRT Monitor Recycling

The need for Cathode Ray Tube or CRT Monitors has fallen rapidly due to new technology. Flat screen lcd monitors, plasma and led have replaced them. As TVs and monitors become redundant, companies need to find a solution for their safe disposal. Pure Planet Recycling offers a cost effective CRT monitor recycling solution. With a range of collection options, from container exchanges to removing monitors from desks, the right solution can be provided.

We collect CRT monitors from businesses of all sizes and industry sectors across England. We have recycled tonnes of CRT monitors and televisions recycling them within the UK. Advanced recycling machinery is used to attain a very high recycling rate.

Pure Planet Recycling adhere to the Hazardous Waste Regulations as monitors are classed as hazardous waste. We provide hazardous paperwork so you can rely on us to give your business a compliant service. A paper traceable route for our CRT monitor disposal gives companies full peace of mind.

How Is a CRT Monitor Recycled

The process behind how a CRT monitor or television is recycled is complex due to the hazardous materials contained within. It is not as simple as putting the equipment into the same equipment that handles non hazardous equipment. They require specialist treatment here in the UK. Which is why we have found the right partner to process our monitors

We created the following blog post on how a crt monitor is recycled. This fully explains the process to our customers. Using this recycling process it effectively extracts the lead and segregates each material for reuse. It's fascinating how a television can have on average 1kg of lead in it's screen. So please read the blog post and see how the recycling process works.

TFT Monitor Recycling

Pure Planet Recycling also offers businesses a TFT monitor recycling solution for LCD & TFT monitors and televisions. As with CRTs, flat screens are also classed as hazardous waste and require specialist recycling. TFT monitors contain potentially harmful components and should be recycled by a licensed company. On collection we provide hazardous waste paperwork to cover the transport and disposal.

For further information on our CRT monitor recycling and TFT monitor recycling service please Contact Us.