Computer Recycling Cambridgeshire

Computer Recycling Cambridgeshire

Businesses of all sizes and industry sector throughout Cambridgeshire are benefitting from the computer recycling collection services of Pure Planet Recycling. Our service solutions offer both choice and cost effective compliance to the WEEE directive. We collect and recycle all types of computer equipment such as computers, laptops, monitors and all peripherals. We do not require the equipment to be working and can also take all types of electrical equipment at the time of collection.

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Once back at our licensed recycling facility we use environmentally friendly recycling methods ensuring that maximum reusable materials are recovered. With the regular collection of equipment from customers in towns including Peterborough, Cambridge, Huntingdon, St Neots and Wisbech we have built a reputation for delivering a unique, personal service.

Using our service, we ensure compliance to all current waste regulations. We provide the correct duty of care paperwork and certify each recycling load that we handle.

If your computers, servers or even printers have hard drives, we also provide data destruction as part of the service. We can even perform this on your site in order to allow you to witness the destruction of hard drives.

Monitor Disposal / Monitor Recycling

Pure Planet Recycling offers a computer monitor recycling service throughout Cambridgeshire including all the main towns; Huntingdon, Peterborough and St. Neots. We collect CRT monitors from businesses of sizes and industry sectors. Our CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Recycling option for our clients utilises advanced recycling machinery which enables us to attain high recycling rates.

Before the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) recycling commences, we ensure that all of the plastic, glass (including leaded glass), metal and cable is removed and 100% recycled. The tube that is then left is placed into CRT recycling machine.

Electrical Waste Recycling

Pure Planet Recycling offers a full Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling solution for clients across Cambridgeshire. This covers all categories covered by the WEEE directive, we recycle more than just computers and IT Equipment. For example we offer fridge recycling, freezer recycling, microwave recycling, UPS recycling etc. Our electrical goods recycling solution ensures all equipment is stripped down and maximum recycling is achieved.