Computer Recycling Bedfordshire

Pure Planet Recycling offers a complete waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and computer recycling service in Bedfordshire. This includes PC equipment such as CRT monitors, TFT and LCD screens, PC towers and desktop processors as well as ancillary equipment such as keyboards, mice and UPS equipment. map of bedfordshire Our computer recycling solution ensures all equipment is stripped down and maximum recovery is achieved. All shipments are weighed in and separated into different material types giving a full material breakdown for fractions such as Plastics, Ferrous, Non Ferrous Metals, Circuit Boards and Batteries. A full audit trail is available to the clients. Our computer disposal services also include data destruction and wiping of hard drives through to full asset management if required. As part of our service of offering the safe disposal of computers we include the ability to come to site and collect equipment for clients as required. For advice and consultation regarding computer disposal services please contact us at Pure Planet Recycling on 01234 315496.

Monitor Disposal and CRT Recycling

Pure Planet Recycling also offers a monitor disposal and CRT recycling service in Bedfordshire, collecting IT waste from businesses throughout Bedfordshire including Luton, Dunstable, Bedford and Biggleswade. The process of monitor disposal and CRT Recycling uses state of the art splitting technology to achieve a high recycling rate of over 70% on Monitors/CRTs and TVs. The first stage of CRT Recycling involves the removal of the plastic back panel. Once this is done the cable, power supply electronic gun and metal casings are removed and segregated for metal recycling. What remains is the 'clean' CRT and this then goes into an automatic CRT Recycling system.

Electrical Waste Recycling

We aim to increase the awareness throughout Bedfordshire by offering recycling guidance and advice for businesses and households. Recycling throughout Bedfordshire needs to go beyond paper, plastic and cardboard and with our help and support we aim to decrease the volumes of electrical waste ending up in landfill sites. This is very important especially as there is still an active landfill site within Bedfordshire. Pure Planet Recycling services businesses throughout Bedfordshire and can provide a full electrical waste recycling solution for clients ranging from large PLC companies to SME companies. This service includes all 10 categories of WEEE including lighting, telecoms equipment and medical devices. Our waste electrical and electronic equipment - WEEE recycling process in Bedfordshire ensures all electronic equipment is recycled efficiently and maximum recovery is achieved.

Data Destruction Areas