Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week 5th-9th September 2016

Zero Waste Week
From time to time we come across innovative campaigns that help promote the 3 r’s – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. We should all, by now, know that reuse and recycling is good for the environment… but what about reducing waste in the first place? Recently, we had the pleasure of talking to Rachelle Strauss from the Zero Waste Week campaign. Rachelle took the time out of her busy schedule to explain what Zero Waste Week was about and the goals for this years campaign. We were that impressed with what Rachelle had to say, we thought we’d get involved and hopefully help spread the word further.

Zero Waste Week was created back in 2008 in order to raise awareness for reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. A theme is chosen on the topic of reducing waste from the home, workplace and everyday life. This year’s theme is Use It Up  , which looks at tackling the problem of food waste. For example, research shows that the average householder wastes £50 of food per month. If we lost £50 from our bank account it would be obvious, so why do we not see this when we throw it in the bin? This fact alone made us look at our food waste at home and we’ve committed to learning more. If you are stuck for ideas on how to reduce your waste the Zero Waste Week website contains some great tips and some interesting facts.

How To Get Involved?

Getting involved is very simply.

  1. Visit the sign up page and fill out the form.
  2. Read the quarterly emails that give free tips and advice on reducing waste.
  3. Join in, implement the tips and make a change.
  4. Discuss this with your colleagues, friends and on your social media accounts and help spread the word.

In 2015, the hastage #ZeroWasteWeek trended on Twitter, which is a great achievement. Why not tweet how you are reducing your waste, join the Zero Waste Heroes Facebook group or even take pictures for your Instagram account. The more we communicate and help spread the word, the bigger the spread. Although Zero Waste Week runs in September, we can get involved now in order to reduce our waste whilst also saving money! We’ll revisit the campaign later in the year with further updates so keep an eye on our news feed.

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