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Christmas Recycling

With the Christmas period almost upon us, we got to thinking how much of our waste generated from the festivities could be recycled? Our household was soon to be littered with discarded wrapping paper, old cards and the Christmas tree. But what would we do with them, throwing them into the wheelie bin would be such a waste so we wanted to find our more.

After a quick Google search we found a great resource on the recycle now website from their “what to do with” section. Here they have all bases covered for the waste that you can produce from your home, including all your Christmas waste. They have an easy to use A – Z list of items which when selected, tells you whether the item can be recycled and if so, where.

So, for example, the Christmas Wrapping paper that we will have bags of come midday can come in different shapes and sizes. Cheaper wrapping paper will contain low quality paper fibres which are hard to recycle. Add to this, any tape left on the paper further complicates the ability for the paper to be recycled. Until we read the recycle now website we were not aware of these considerations so were pleased to find this out. We can now remove the tape from the papers and grade the good from the cheaper paper to ensure the local recycling facility can ensure it is recycled.

There are many more examples on how to maximise recycling your Christmas waste. We had a browse through the list and have added the following links to help you find out what to do with your …

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Lights
Christmas Cards
Wrapping Paper

We hope you find the information on the Recycle Now website as helpful as we did. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2015.