TSI – Recycling Case Study

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TSI Instruments Ltd, based in High Wycombe, design and produce precision measurement instruments for a global market. Their equipment serves industries in measurements relating to aerosol science, air flow, chemical analysis, indoor air quality, fluid dynamics, biohazard detection and even scrap metal sorting and plastics identification. TSI Inc. have offices in the U.S , Europe and Asia, employing over 500 people.

TSI hold an ISO 14001 certification, an internationally recognised standard demonstrating an ongoing commitment to being an environmentally responsible organisation. As part of this, they manage their waste responsibly, adhering to all legislation.

WEEE recycling case study

TSI Requirements

TSI generate mixed electrical waste including IT equipment, measurement equipment, batteries and metal as part of their business activities. They required a licensed company effectively to recycle their waste and provide duty of care notes to satisfy their ISO 14001 audit requirements.

How We Help TSI

After an initial meeting to see how we could help, we provided a 660 litre pallet crate for the storage of their mixed WEEE. This gave them a safe and easily portable method of storing waste in the warehouse. Once the container is full, we simply swap the container for an empty one. At the time of collection, a duty of care waste note is provided then, once recycled, we issue a recycling certificate, showing the type and weight of the waste.

Since the initial requirements, TSI have since required an additional container to store their waste plastics. Due to the volume and size of the plastic waste, it was decided that an 1100 litre wheelie bin would best meet their requirements. Once full, it is swapped for an empty one, again with the paperwork provided at time of collection.

The Result

TSI are provided with a recycling solution that is simple, safe and meets their ISO 14001 audit requirements. We ensure the equipment and plastics are recycled, allowing for their reuse in the manufacturing chain.