Recycling At Work

Office RecyclingThe majority of us who work in an office will probably know that businesses small or large are now very aware of the need to recycle and save energy. Not only is it now part of our moral fibre but it has become part of our everyday domestic and working life. We understand a lot more that the waste we create during our working day should be, and has to be, managed in a responsible and traceable way.

But what can you recycle in your office?

It is really important to make your staff aware of your company policies when it comes to waste management. You might consider a nominated person who takes ownership of your recycling habits and encourages staff to educate themselves in the correct way of disposing of items.

You’ve probably seen the bins in your office that are dedicated to paper recycling (let’s hope you are using them and not sneaking paper into the waste paper basket….) but there are lots of other things that can be recycled in a business! Some items will be of higher value than others such as waste computers, printer cartridges or other electrical equipment but don’t just stop there. Take a look around, think about the lighting in your office. Those old strip lights need specialist recycling and so does the fridge in the staff canteen that no longer works.

Once you and your staff adopt the attitude to ‘go more green’ you will find that soon it becomes second nature to turn off the lights as you go through the day and shutting down your computer at the end of work is soon a habit you can’t go without.

Other ideas for saving energy include:

  • Replacing those old bulky monitors for flat screens
  • Consider replacing your desktop computers with laptops which are more efficient
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Go as paperless as you can, ask yourself if you need to print
  • Use old scrap paper for note taking.

Why should you bother to recycle in your office?

There are so many reasons why you should recycle at work and it isn’t just because it is the best thing for our environment. It is a great excuse to have a clear out and de-clutter, hopefully giving you more space and a more comfortable place to work. It can save you money and is cost effective. But most importantly it feels good to be involved in something so positive and to know that you are doing your bit for the environment at home and at work.

Waste costs companies approximately 4.5% of their turnover – don’t be part of that statistic. Put in place a simple recycling and waste management program and you will quickly see the benefits.