Massmould Case Study

Massmould – Recycling Case Study

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Massmould are a division of Global Closure Systems manufacturing closure systems across many industries. They have a strong base of existing products but have highly flexible and innovative expertise to design new custom and standard closure solutions.

Massmould’s Requirements

In adherence to the WEEE regulations, Massmould required a uniformed recycling solution for their WEEE across their four operating sites, covering both electrical waste such as electrical machinery and redundant waste fluorescent tubes.

How we help Massmould

After an initial site visit from Pure Planet Recycling, Massmould received a complete WEEE recycling solution for all four of their operational sites. The following recycling containers were provided to store the waste;

Our 660 Litre WEEE crate allows for all types of small and non hazardous electrical waste to be safely stored before being collected. Due to the container being outside in the site yard we also provided a lid to keep the waste dry. Once the container is full, Massmould simply phone us for a crate exhange.

pallet crate

Each of Massmould’s sites generate waste fluorescent tubes from their lighting in the warehouses and offices. The tube storage container allows the redundant tubes to be securely stored outside without risk of breaking and staying dry. The container holds roughly 100-150 6ft tubes and once full it is exchanged for an empty one.

fluorescent storage tube

The Result

Massmould were provided with a compliant, safe, cost effective and traceable route for all their electrical waste. The storage containers keep the waste dry and secure in their yard.