How Much Do We Recycle?

Each year National Statistics release the recycling statistics gathered by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). The stats show how much we recycle each year including the volume and type of waste produced from the household and from the local recycling centre.

In order to help further promote recycling within the UK, we have created the following infographic highlighting what we recycled in 2013-14. So if you were wondering how much England recycles in a year, we hope this provides the answer.

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England Recycling Statistics 2013

Some key recycling facts from the infographic are;

  • The total weight of waste from households in England for 2013-14 amounted to 21.6 million tonnes.
  • From these statistics, the average person in England produced 403kg of waste.
  • The total amount of waste produced from households has reduced 2% from the amount produced in 2012.
  • 44.2% of waste produced from English homes was recycled.