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Hoverboard Destruction


From time to time at Pure Planet Recycling we get to recycle something out of the ordinary. Recently we were asked to destroy a consignment of hoverboards to ensure they didn’t re-enter the marketplace. Hoverboards have been the subject of many high profile news stories due to faults or inferior products entering the market place. Due to the large Lithium-ion battery contained within them they require specialist recycling.

The service we provided began with a secure collection, using our satellite tracked vehicle and staff. Once back at our Authorised Treatment Facility we began by separating the packaging for recycling from the product itself. We then placed the hoverboards into bulk sacks, for safe storage prior to recycling.

bagged hoverboards

The recycling process automatically broke the hoverboards down to separate the electrical components, plastics, battery and aluminium shell in order for the materials to reused in the future. Not only did the customer have the peace of mind that the hoverboards were destroyed, they also knew that they had been recycled in the most environmentally friendly manner.

For more information on this type of service please see our product destruction page.