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DBS Checked Staff

If you were the receptionist at the local school and a stranger wandered in, what would you do? It’s quite likely that you would alert security pretty sharpish and have them removed before they got any further. But what makes any other visitor different from this example?

One of the lovely things about having an established client base is that we get to know you. As the support staff of the local school, university or hospital it’s possible that you even know us on first name terms. When you have contracts with external companies you may feel more relaxed about letting them in to your premises. But, these workers are effectively no different from the stranger we talked about earlier. If you work in an environment with children or vulnerable people you will be aware of the importance of safeguarding. How could you possibly know if the staff you employ as part of an external contract are vetted in the same way you would your own employees?

At Pure Planet Recycling we understand how important this element of trust is. For some institutions, and rightly so, it is the foremost priority when choosing a partner to handle their waste management. That’s why we take the vetting of our staff so seriously.

You might previously have known this type of check as a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check. The ISA (Independent Safeguarding Authority) and the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) have merged together and CRB checks are now known as DBS checks. There are three types of check; basic, enhanced and enhanced with barred lists. Not only do these checks allow us to monitor our existing staff, they help us to make safer recruitment decisions and uncover any warning signs when we look to employ new team members. We insist on Enhanced checks for our staff prior to employment and are happy to provide evidence of this for our collection teams.

This vetting process isn’t just important when we are visiting a client site. As a company we offer a secure destruction service for data, computers and servers and we want to show our existing and potential clients that when we say secure we really mean it. The caliber of our team and our entire ethos as a waste management company is to put the correct recycling or destruction of our clients’ waste first.

If you want to find out more about our services and the security checks we put in place for our clients, then contact us now.