Advances In LED Lighting

This week is the Light Fair Industry Conference in Las Vegas, which has seen exciting new energy saving LED lighting products that can last over 20 years. LED lighting is set to dominate both the domestic and business lighting market as a rival to incandescent lighting technology. Philips, General Electric, Sylvania and Switch are some of the companies currently showcasing their LED based products at the fair.

The main challenge posed to manufacturers of LED lighting products is how to reduce the heat generated by the bulb. By reducing the heat, manufacturers can now increase the life span of the bulb, making it very cost effective against existing technologies. At the conference, GE have showcased their air cooling technology named "synthetic jet", which provides air flow within the lamp, which removes the hot air. Switch utilise a thermal cooling system, with their own liquid to spread heat out to all surfaces of the bulb, to reduce the temperature.

The advantages of LED technology are the life span of the bulb, reduced energy consumption and reduce costs. The LED bulbs being launched can operate for a massive 100,000 hours compared to the 1,000 hours of incandescent light-bulbs and 15,000 hours of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). So if the bulb operated for around 3 hours per day the bulbs could last over two decades, whilst saving around 3-4 times the energy required to power the light.

In light of the advances within the LED lighting market, there will be an increase in householders and companies upgrading their lighting. It is vital that the fluorescent light tubes or incandescent bulbs being replaced are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Pure Planet Recycling offer businesses a fluorescent light tube recycling service that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. Call 01234 315496, to find out more.