data destruction

Data Destruction

When your business disposes of redundant electronic media, does it consider the sensitive corporate information stored within? It is vital to entrust your company’s data to a secure service. You must ensure your data is 100% destroyed.

Pure Planet Recycling specialise in data destruction for all types of IT storage devices and electronic media. Whether it’s the destruction of hard drives, media tapes or CDs / DVDs, we can help. The device and the data contained within are destroyed and recycled.

Our data destruction services include the following:

  • Secure data destruction, performed by highly trained staff.
  • Collections made using our satellite tracked vehicles.
  • Destruction performed either at your premises or within our authorised treatment facility.
  • Issuing of detailed data destruction certificate upon completion.
  • All media is 100% recycled after the data is destroyed.

Here are details of the various data destruction services available and examples of the types of device we destroy on a regular basis.

Hard Drive Destruction

There are many different ways to destroy a hard drive. It depends on whether you wish to reuse the disks again?

Pure Planet Recycling offers a choice of methods for hard drive destruction - wiping, degaussing or shredding. We help you decide on the most suitable destruction method. This can even be performed at your site under a witnessed destruction.

We process all types of external and internal hard drives in both 3.5" and 2.5" sizes. Whatever the technology whether IDE, SATA, SCSI or SAS we have a solution for ensuring the data is destroyed.

We are now also providing destruction services for SSD - Solid State Drives as they break or become obsolete.

We provide a secure collection, using our staff, in our own satellite tracked vehicles. Once the load enters our authorised treatment facility, it is scanned into our system. We destroy the hard drives and issue a certificate of destruction. This contains the individual serial numbers for each disk.

The destroyed hard drives are then recycled to recover the materials that they are made from.

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Please call us on 01234 315496 to enquire about our hard drive destruction service.

Which  is an interesting article here which explains why Which state that hard drive destruction is crucial.

Media Tape Destruction & Server Tape Destruction

Media tape destruction must be performed on any redundant or faulty backup media tapes and server tapes. Whilst tapes provide a good disaster recovery solution by storing company data, disposing of them incorrectly is a disaster waiting to happen.

As with hard drives, media tapes are usually magnetic storage devices, so our technicians have the option of either degaussing or shredding them to ensure that the media tape destruction and server tape destruction is thorough and that data is completely irretrievable.

Once the media tape destruction has taken place, a destruction certificate is produced and the tapes are then granulated for plastic recycling.

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Please call us on 01234 315496 to enquire about our media tape destruction service.

Media Tape Destruction

DVD Destruction CD Destruction

Pure Planet Recycling's method for both DVD destruction and CD destruction is to shred the CD or DVD. Our shredder enables the CD or DVD to be reduced down to 1mm chips, thus ensuring complete destruction of the information held on the device.

Upon completion of the CD shredding or DVD shredding, we issue a destruction certificate. The DVD or CD, case and paper are recycled. This process enables us to have a 100% recycling rate on our CD shredding and DVD shredding service.

If you require more information on our CD destruction and DVD destruction services please contact us.