Fridge Freezer Recycling

Pure Planet Recycling offers a fridge freezer recycling service for business customers. Fridges and freezers contain hazardous components that require specialist treatment when being recycled. We collect both domestic and industrial sized fridge freezers and ensure they are recycled here within the UK. We are an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) for electrical waste and recycle all types of electrical equipment. Our staff collect fridges and freezers from businesses and local authorities using our own vehicles.

Once collected, we send the white goods, in bulk, for recycling at a partner company specialising in the recycling of fridges and freezers. They follow strict procedures to ensure all the hazardous components are removed and properly treated. This allows the remaining materials to be separated for material recovery and reuse. The following process is used within the fridge freezer recycling plant, with conveyor belts moving the units from one stage to the next;

  • Firstly the fridges are emptied of any food, trays and shelves contained within. The compressor, and pipes on the rear of the unit are also removed at this stage.
  • The pipe work that has been removed is processed to remove the refrigerant gases.
  • The insulation foam is stripped from the device with the use of machinery that breaks the item into small pieces.
  • These pieces are then separated into the different materials of plastic, metal, cable and insulation foam.
  • The plastic, metal and cable are then used as materials for reuse in the manufacturing chain of new goods.
  • The only part of the fridge that can not be recycled as a material is the insulation foam. This is sent to an Energy from Waste facility in order to create Electricity.

This fridge recycling process allows for maximum recycling rates whilst properly treating the hazardous components. Any fridge or freezer collection is accompanied by Hazardous Waste Paperwork, consigned to our facility. This allows for a paper traceable and auditable recycling service for all items that we recycle.

For more information regarding our fridge freezer recycling service please contact us.