Waste Auditing

Waste Auditing

Pure Planet Recycling offers an environmental consultancy service to companies with the aim of reducing operating costs by improving recycling rates and reducing waste to landfill. The services provided enable businesses to develop an Environmental Management System and obtain the ISO14001 accreditation.

Environmental Consultancy

Our waste auditing service begins with a site visit to document, to detail and assess the following:

  • All waste produced and identifying the source of the waste
  • All tonnages produced for both recycling and landfill
  • The current method of waste segregation both inside your offices, warehouse or factory
  • The current method of waste storage, both internal and external containers/bins/skips etc
  • Your current suppliers service levels and disposal costs.

After the initial fact finding, waste audit exercise, we produce a full report showing tonnages to landfill and levels of recycling, recommendations for improvement including internal and external waste storage containers, waste management equipment and finally the available cost savings.

Waste Project Management

Using the findings of the waste audit as a baseline plan, Pure Planet Recycling will provide a full waste project plan with all the tasks and objectives listed with achievable timescale’s and realistic costs. Pure Planet Recycling will allocate a dedicated waste project manager and will use available internal and external resources to ensure that the waste project management is completed on time within budget, coordinate all waste project management review meetings and provide a full post project report.

ISO 14001, Environmental Training & Auditing Services

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) provides a practical framework within which an organisation’s environmental impacts can be managed to comply with relevant laws and regulations. It specifies a framework of control against which an organisation can be certified by a third party to the internationally recognised standard.

An EMS is considered an increasingly important part of any well run organisation and demonstrates commitment to properly manage environmental impacts to customers, suppliers and stakeholders. The benefits of an EMS include:

  • Provision of a formal, structured and systematic approach to reducing environmental impacts, engaging staff at all levels
  • Ensure compliance with environmental legislation
  • Costs saving benefits by using the process of continual improvement to reduce waste, utility bills and improve productivity
  • Provide assurance of environmental performance to key stakeholders: the implementation of an EMS offers supply chain, marketing and reputational benefits

Pure Planet Recycling in conjunction with Eco-Smart Consultancy guide clients through the accreditation process, ensuring all levels of management and staff are engaged and committed. For more information regarding an Environment Management System please contact Mark Thomson on 01234 273567.