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Fridge Recycling and Disposal

Around 3 million fridges are disposed of in the UK every year. They contain hazardous components that need specialist treatment.

Pure Planet Recycling offer a fridge recycling and disposal service for business customers. We collect domestic and commercial fridges, freezers and air conditioning units.

We are an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for electrical waste. Our staff collect fridges from all types of businesses, schools and organisations. Using our own vehicles, we offer a nationwide collection service.

At the time of disposal we provide a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note. This gives a paper traceable route of what happens to your waste. It details the number, weight and hazardous components of the fridges.

We recycle all our refrigerants at a fridge recycling plant. They follow strict procedures to remove and treat each hazardous component.

There are only a handful of recycling facilities that can recycle fridges within the UK. Our recycling partner is one such company, so you can be sure of a compliant and legal recycling service.

We are able to offer competitive pricing due to the large volume of fridges we dispose of.